Guangzhou Singxer Electronic Co., Ltd.


    公司主要开发高性能的音频产品为主,可以承接音频产品的OEM,ODM项目。我们在XMOS Audio方面具备很强的开发能力,率先开发了XMOS的第二代xCORE-200系列处理器,优化了很多XMOS Audio底层的固件。同时,在硬件架构和FPGA音频算法上面,也有一些自主开发的技术成果:包括自主开发的超低抖动时钟系统,自主开发的数字锁相环技术“SHDPLL”,I2S整形技术,全隔离技术(地线隔离)等等。


Company profile:

     Guangzhou singxer electronics co., LTD., the office address is located in panyu district of Guangzhou city. Our electronic team was built on 2011, by a number of team members who have manyyears of experience in audio product development of product managers and senior engineers. Team sinceits inception, has undertaken many project about audio industry technology development, the team's development achievements are satisfaction and recognition with the customer.

    Singxer is mainly to develop high performance audio products, canundertake the project with respect to audio products’ OEM and ODM. In the XMOS Audio aspect we have strong develop ability andtaken the lead in developing the XMOS second-generation xCORE-200 series processors, optimized the XMOS Audio at the bottom of the firmware in many ways. At the same time, in the hardware architecture, there are some main technical points of the independent development. Including self-developed clock system,independent to

development of digital phase locked loop technique "SHDPLL", I2S shaping technology, and the isolation technique and so on.